Together For A Cure: Making A Difference at ASCO 2018

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By Kayt Leonard

Public Relations Specialist

At the 2018 Annual Society of Oncology (ASCO) Meeting in Chicago, innovations on placards left and right detailed the newest trends in oncology. Updates to standards of care, new FDA guidelines, improved pipelines for therapies, and a strong sense of advancement, impact, and overall hope surrounded the conference center.

Among the hundreds of other organizations exhibiting at ASCO, the PSI team was able to take part in the event and meet folks from around the world to discuss clinical research and oncology advancements. In fact, it was our tenth, maybe even eleventh time attending ASCO. For some, it’s an event that feels like home. But while we were there this time, we were able to partner with the Gift of Life Marrow Registry to help raise awareness, and do our part to put an end to bone cancer.

Blood cancer affects more than 360 people across the world every single day. Through the work of Gift of Life, and so many other marrow registry programs, people are able to join the marrow registry and potentially be matched as donors to save lives. Literally – 15,070 people have been matched with donors through this organization alone.

Partnering with Gift Of Life

The Gift of Life team set up shop at our booth, and spent the full weekend of ASCO talking to attendees – people like you – to discuss the outrageously important role that the marrow registry plays for so many people across the world. And through those conversations, more than 50 people signed up on the spot to #GetSwabbed and get added to the registry.

PSI teamed up with Gift of Life after learning about the organization from one of our own. A Business Director in the US, Jeremie Braun introduced Gift of Life to our team in February of 2018. He shared the story of his friend Adam, who tragically lost his life fighting cancer. During Adam’s sickness, Jeremie connected with Gift of Life and worked tirelessly to search for a marrow match for Adam. And to continue Adam’s legacy, Jeremie continues to share his story, Adam’s story, and the Gift of Life story, to all he meets. When our team heard his story, we knew we had to do something.

Together for a Cure

At PSI, we care about the patient. We’re in the business of clinical research because we want to find cures. We want to help pharmaceutical and biotech companies find cures. And as far as we’re concerned, everyone at ASCO has the same end-goal: to rid the world of cancer.

Partnering with Gift of Life at ASCO was a decision that was close to our hearts. Getting swabbed to join the registry is something that every single one of us can do. We can make a large, potentially lifesaving impact, in an incredibly small way. And that means you can, too.

The 2018 ASCO event is over, but we aren’t slowing down in our efforts to work towards cures. As we push ahead, continuing to do hard things together as a company, we’ll continue fighting alongside organizations that are advocating for patients, dedicated to finding cures.

September 15th is national marrow day. In just a few months, we’ll rally as a company to get as many people to join the registry as possible. And, we’ll be cheering for you to do the same.

To hear Adam’s story, click here. And to learn more about Gift of Life, and even request a kit to #GetSwabbed, check out this link. We all have the power to cure cancer.