Case Study: Cutting Startup Timelines in Half on a Global HemOnc Study

The world is changing rapidly, but some things are as stable as ever—like our preoccupation with growing a network of productive study sites across oncology and hemonc indications.

Each dot is so much more than just a data point: it’s PIs and site staff showing up and supporting our studies every step of the way, from planning to execution, all around the world. We couldn’t do it without them.

Picture this: you need to enroll a 900-patient hemonc study on a tight timeline. You want a CRO that’s absolutely obsessed with getting it right. And that’s how we did it here. 

Finding the right sites and completing site identification for such an extensive study in half the time was only possible through the dedication and perseverance of our feasibility, site identification, and startup teams. They’re the backbone of making projects like this happen, working alongside our global sites supporting the study startup process to ensure we avoid costly delays—even amidst an ongoing global pandemic.

“When the pandemic first arose, PSI quickly set up a COVID task force that included tracking the ongoing status of all our sites,” said Diana Fowler, Head of Study Startup:

“We knew which sites were open to recruitment and onsite visits, which were allowing remote monitoring visits, and which were completely shut down. With a planned first site activation date of April 2021 for this study, we worked closely with sites to understand how the pandemic affected their ability to meet the planned dates. We also offered them several technical options that allowed us to conduct site selection visits remotely.”

In addition, the regulatory activities were closely monitored to ensure that no time was lost between receipt of approval from one agency to the submission of the next.  With this close oversight, PSI not only managed to meet first site activated as planned but, within six business days, also activated a total of four sites in two countries.

We’re grateful for recognition, and we appreciate our sites, our employees, and our vendors, for the dedication and support they give us, day in and day out.

In the end, it’s all about how patient enrollment pushes forward—actual vs. planned. The story begins with startup. Every day we can save on site identification and startup activities brings patients that much closer to potential treatment. One patient at a time, we’re here to add predictability to your enrollment timelines, no matter what.

#EveryPatientCounts is your vaccine against uncertainty.