Learn How PSI Delivered 10 Global Studies in MS & IBD for a Future Blockbuster Drug


  • THERAPEUTIC AREA: MS & Gastroenterology
  • GEOGRAPHY: 40 countries
  • SITES: 720
  • PATIENTS: 2,600+


  • LPI delivered ahead of schedule by as much as 12 months for one study
  • 2 FDA approvals & 2 EMA approvals to date
  • Low turnover rate of just 15% for key staff


A Phase 2/3 study in relapsing multiple sclerosis patients was failing to recruit, so the sponsor, a global pharmaceutical company, engaged PSI to get enrollment back on track.

We delivered Last Patient In (LPI) ahead of schedule – which led to us supporting a number of other studies in the sponsor’s portfolio. We’ve since completed recruitment in five other studies, each with LPI ahead of schedule. Most recently, we rescued enrollment in a global two-study ulcerative colitis pivotal program, delivering LPI a year sooner than expected.

Read our case study to learn how our team built a strong, lasting partnership with the sponsor to help deliver results. For more information on how we can help deliver your pivotal Phase 2 and Phase 3 trials on time, contact us here.