Teaming Up with Gift of Life: ASH, 2019, and Beyond.

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By Kayt Leonard

Public Relations Specialist

Together With Gift of Life

In 2018, PSI began a partnership with the Gift of Life Marrow Registry. Starting out, we connected with Gift of Life through our team member Jeremie Braun, Director, Business Development. Since that original connection in January of 2018, we’ve been able to partner with Gift of Life through registry drives and educational activities, in-office events, and even at conferences such as ASCO and, most recently, the American Society of Hematology conference (ASH).

For us, attending ASH makes sense. We’re dedicated to the hematology and hemophilia space, and we’re upfront showcasing our dedication to, and knowledge of, that space. But instead of just focusing on our expertise at ASH, we did something a bit…different. In fact, let’s take a look together to learn more. Hear about how we furthered our partnership with Gift of Life at ASH 2018 in San Diego:

From Samantha Sprott, Gift of Life:  

“At the 2018 American Society of Hematology (ASH) Conference in San Diego, pharmaceutical and therapeutic companies filled the convention center eager and excited to share what they’ve been working on over the last year. From updates in clinical trial drugs to new pharmaceutical companies and even up and coming gene therapy companies, the conference was a weekend filled with exciting insight to the world of hematology.

Surrounded by a vast array of companies, Gift of Life had the pleasure of partnering and sharing a booth with the PSI CRO team at ASH. Working with PSI was an amazing experience. From meeting the team who have worked so hard together for almost a decade to watching them talk to clients from around the world, it was an eye-opening opportunity to be able to watch them do what they do best.

Gift of Life is a public international bone marrow registry located in Boca Raton, Florida. Having the opportunity to team up with PSI and share our mission at ASH was an incredible opportunity. We were able to meet hematologists, oncologists and educators in scientific and medical fields from around the world who were fascinated by our technique of recruiting marrow donors and praised us for the work we were doing at the conference. Meeting individuals from around the world with both the understanding and personal connections to our mission was a highlight to our ASH experience.

Joining PSI at ASH was a no-brainer decision. They have been a constant support and advocate of the work we do, even running a worldwide swabbing and educational campaign with us during World Marrow Donor Day in 2018. Twelve of PSI’s global offices supported and shared our mission, encouraging people to join the registry and potentially save a life.

Though the 2018 ASH Conference is over, I’m proud knowing that my team at GOL will have more opportunities to work with PSI CRO. Together, we will strive to find every person in need a life-saving match, and a cure for their diseases. “

 -Samantha Sprott, Gift of Life Marrow Registry

Beyond: Continuing Our Teamwork

If you can’t tell, we at PSI are so proud of the work that Gift of Life does every day to save lives. And we’re proud that in 2019, we’re continuing our partnership with Gift of Life by sponsoring a donor chair at the Apheresis Center, the first of its kind in South Florida.

To learn more about how we began our relationship with Gift of Life, check out this backstory. You’ll quickly see that our roots run deep, and we don’t plan on changing that fact any time soon.

At PSI, we’re dedicated to being the best CRO in the world. And that means we work with the best people in the world, too. The Gift of Life Marrow Registry is among that group of bests.

Learn more about Gift of Life, and do your part in saving lives.