Every Patient Counts: Together with Gift of Life Marrow Registry

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By Kayt Leonard

Public Relations Manager

You can take one look at the Gift of Life Marrow Registry website, or talk to any of their incredibly passionate team members, and see that their drive toward a world free of cancer is not only strong, but deep.

The numbers are no less impressive: Gift of Life has helped to match more than 16,700 donors with recipients to save their lives. Donors join the marrow registry through a simple cheek swab and then spend a few days prepping to go through the donation process that can ultimately change the course of a recipient’s life.

From Swab to Solution: Donating at a Collection Center

One of the biggest parts of this process is getting access to an apheresis center, which is where the donation process actually takes place. Apheresis is the process in which blood is drawn from a donor’s arm, sorted through a machine to gather stem cells, and is then returned into the other arm. And it’s a process that’s crucial to donation – crucial to saving lives.

A Relocation, And a Resource

In March of 2019, the Gift of Life Marrow Registry relocated to their new headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. The move allows the team to grow and serve even more donors and recipients in pushing forward to saving lives. But, it’s not just a new office space.

The Gift of Life headquarters features the Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson Gift of Life – Be the Match Collection Center. That’s right – it’s the first apheresis center in the region, which means more donors now have convenient access to donate stem cells and change lives.

Before the center opened, donors would most often have to travel, take days off of work, and struggle with scheduling conflicts to participate in a donation. When logistics didn’t work out, potential recipients might not receive the stem cell donations that they needed to fight their illnesses. Essentially, the Gift of Life headquarters, and the collection center therein, solves this problem and connects more donors with more recipients, and saves more and more lives every single week.

The center is state-of-the-art, complete with a medical team, concierge services staff, and all of the tools and tech needed to process and facilitate donations in the best way possible. Donors are even made comfortable in donation chairs, one of which PSI CRO is honored and proud to be able to sponsor.

GOL Apheresis Center Entrance
 Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson Gift of Life – Be the Match Collection Center

Our Roots Run Deep: Proud Partners for Patients

We’re proud of the partnership we have with Gift of Life Marrow Registry. From swabbing at conferences like ASH and ASCO every year, to involving employees globally during World Marrow Donor Day, we’re proud to partner with an organization dedicated to saving lives, and, just like PSI, putting patients first.

But, our partnership isn’t exclusive. Corporate sponsors aren’t just appreciated at Gift of Life, they’re celebrated. If your company is dedicated to patients and passionate about saving lives, partnering with Gift of Life makes sense. Helping to find matches for patients like Elan, who is fighting a rare blood disorder right now, makes sense. And doing our part makes sense.

Check out the video below to learn about the apheresis center, catch a few photos of an incredible grand opening event, and learn about how your organization can partner for an impact.

Because at Gift of Life Marrow Registry, and at PSI CRO, every patient counts.

A Continued Partnership: Gift of Life Marrow Registry and PSI CRO from Marketing PSI on Vimeo.