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Get Control Over
Clinical Trial Planning

PSI CRO's proprietary
cloud-based platform.

INTELIA™ brings together a suite of clinical trial planning tools:
  • VISIONAL™, study modeling tool
  • CLARITY™, study budgeting and forecasting tool
  • CADENCE™, study budget tracking tool
  • INSITE™, investigator grant calculator

VISIONAL™: Helping to Accurately Predict Study Enrollment Timelines

VISIONAL™ , the latest addition to PSI’s INTELIA™ platform, is a machine-learning-powered system for data-driven feasibility and enrollment forecast. It models and compares hundreds of country and site combinations, their budgets and probability of success within just a few minutes. In the end, it recommends the most optimal enrollment scenario in line with sponsor key objectives

How it Works

VISIONAL™ is a cloud-based module that integrates and processes feasibility data tailored to a specific protocol, taking into consideration local medical practices, available patient populations, clinical trial experience, and other variables.

It collates historical enrollment rates in the given patient population from both internal and external data sources.

VISIONAL™ integrates historical startup timelines across more than fifty countries where PSI operates, as well as specific site knowledge data.

Sophisticated constraint-based algorithms are then applied to these data sets to model hundreds of country- and site-specific enrollment combinations to find the ideal scenario. Within minutes, clients have access to:

  • the fastest possible patient enrollment scenario
  • cost-effective enrollment options
  • optimal patient enrollment scenarios that balance out associated costs and study duration

VISIONAL™ can also be used to validate the client’s requested specifications, to estimate probability of success for the expected scenarios, and to recommend alternatives.

Immediate & Long-Term Benefits

Modeling Beyond Human Abilities 

VISIONAL™ is extremely fast: it has the capacity to model and compare hundreds of possible enrollment scenarios and suggest the most optimal scenario within only a few minutes

Predictions without Human Errors and Bias: VISIONAL™ de-biases enrollment projections: scenarios are automated and data-driven

Probability Projections: VISIONAL™ estimates the probability of enrollment projections using historical data

Up-to-date Algorithms: VISIONAL™ is up to date: the algorithms are based on the latest data and are being “retrained” on an ongoing basis to capture the latest insights

Live Budget Simulations: VISIONAL™ incorporates costs in the decision-making process


Take Clinical Trial Proposals
to a Whole New Level
of Dependability

Model multiple enrollment scenarios for phase II and III trials already at the RFP stage, compare study costs, and select the optimal realistic solution within minutes.