Discover the PSI Advantage at ASH 2022

New Orleans, Louisiana | December 10-13, 2022

Next-generation therapies and rapid advances are transforming the hematology clinical research landscape. Bring stability to your study with the CRO that has been building lasting relationships with sites around the globe for over 25 years and more than 110 hematology and oncohematology projects, including extensive gene therapy experience.


3 reasons to see what’s new with PSI in New Orleans

  1. Machine-learning-powered feasibility and enrollment forecasting: Go beyond human abilities with VISIONAL™ , the latest addition to PSI’s INTELIA™ proprietary cloud-based platform for clinical trial planning.
  2. Strategic site support to maximize our global network: Learn how our dedicated Site Support Specialists help your study run smoother with in-house technical support, real-time tracking for imaging and samples, and more.
  3. Expertise and passion that drive results: See why PSI’s personal touch keeps sponsors coming back by meeting the people who make us who we are, including therapeutic and feasibility experts.

Learn more about PSI’s hematology experience with these resources below

Running oncology studies globally. We plan and execute seamless clinical trials with novel study designs.


PSI is one, if not the only, CRO that has been engaged extensively in gene therapy trials by half a dozen biotech sponsors.


The trial and research developments that will most impact current clinical treatment options for various oncologic indications.