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Benefits Summary

PSI Brazil General Overview


Home based positions plus office spaces: Take the best out of both worlds by accessing home-based positions with the possibility to access physical workspaces in São Paulo.

Working Time: We prioritize results and deliverables, enabling a better work-life balance and allowing you to excel at your role.

Connection, Inclusion, & Safety

Stay connected with local and country teams through monthly/bimonthly meetings and events. We foster a sense of belonging and collaboration within our teams. Your ideas and unique perspective are welcomed, encouraged, acknowledged, and celebrated.


We recognize and celebrate contributions from teams, knowing that none of us is as strong as all of us.


We empower our employees to plan and organize their work, set priorities, and take ownership of their projects.

Supportive & Healthy Environment

We work in a demanding knowledge-based industry. Preparing and supporting our colleagues throughout onboarding, day-to-day, and ongoing/new challenges is a top priority. Our employees report they enjoy the engaging work atmosphere, healthy environment, and peer support (reference from Internal Wellbeing Research 2023).

Growth & Development

PSI provides an environment for continuous learning, with training and development opportunities, including an annual appraisal process and mentoring schemes, in addition to an extensive induction program for all new employees.

What To Expect During Your First Days at PSI

New talent joining the company is welcomed directly by different colleagues, peers, managers, etc. This way, they begin getting to know the people they will have contact with. During the 3-month training period, you will learn about the Clinical Research industry, PSI history, and company policies, plus the processes and tasks for your specific role/responsibilities.

Our team is prepared to handle this process either face to face or remotely, as needed or required, without jeopardizing any aspects of the onboarding nor missing the opportunity to mentor you, transfer knowledge, and general company culture.

The international experience is a sure plus that will allow you to meet colleagues from different countries and departments. As the onboarding advances, you’ll gradually take on different tasks and responsibilities, growing more confident and capable every day. By the end of your three-month training period, you’ll be prepared to step into your role and contribute to our shared success.

Benefits List*

Health Insurance

Health coverage with Porto Seguro is fully paid for employees and direct family members.

Annual Leave

PSI provides 30 calendar days of annual leave per year worked.

Dental Insurance

Dental coverage with Porto Seguro for employees.

Life Insurance

If the unthinkable happens whilst you are in service, the beneficiaries are covered with Porto Seguro Insurance.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

After five years of work with PSI, you get two days of Personal Time Off; after 10 years, three additional PTO days, reaching a total of five.

Internet Reimbursment

PSI offers its employees internet expenses reimbursement up to a monthly top.

Flex Days

Six flexible days a year without the need to present any type of certificate. Hours are to be compensated within a more than reasonable time frame and either before or after the Flex Day.

Short Fridays

With the same-hour compensation logic that Flex Days have, you can make a request and enjoy a shorter Friday.

Annual Discretionary Bonus

Employees are eligible for PSI’s discretionary bonus scheme, based on individual and company performance.

Meal Tickets

Monthly amount for food acquisition purposes with ticket. 

Travel Insurance

PSI insures you for business travel anywhere in the world.

English Classes

Weekly, group, and remote English classes ensure employees continue practicing and improving this skill.

Healthy Activities Reimbursment

PSI encourages employees to take on healthy activities and habits. The healthy activities reimbursement has the aim to support a portion of the employees’ preferred healthy activity cost. Healthy activities may vary, but some examples here are sports, artistic (dance/singing, theatre, instruments, craft), relaxation (meditation, mindfulness), and therapies for mental health (psychology, psychiatry).

*Benefits are reviewed periodically and are subject to changes. We send the current list of benefits with the job offer. 

What makes PSI unique?

Why PSI?

  • 25+ years of successful clinical trial delivery 
  • Friendly & secure workplaces 
  • Open-door, open-minded policy 
  • Cross-cultural experiences 
  • Well-established infrastructures 
  • Rewarding environment & benefits 
  • Opportunities for growth 
  • Developed systems & quality standards 

Our Culture

As a truly global company, we recognize that diversity is one of our greatest strengths. Our team members, with their unique skill sets, contribute to our culture of mutual support and accountability.    

No matter where our colleagues are located, team collaboration is high on our agenda. Whether that’s within study teams, communicating remotely, in departmental global meetings, and team building events. We always care, listen, and respect each other.  

Career Growth

Our 25-year history of organic growth is full of examples of individuals joining and growing their careers into roles such as department heads, country managers, or leaders of functional groups.   

We’re searching for people with an unquenchable drive, hunger for learning, hard work, resilience, and creative discontent. We will hire for the mindset and vigorously train for the skill, not the other way around. 

Do you want to make a difference?

Do your professional goals focus on doing something significant, contributing by doing the right thing? Do you want to be part of a dynamic, sincere, and vibrant company where people matter, each project is unique, and the goal is to ensure outstanding results for our clients? 

Discover PSI and give your best to what may become the most exciting professional challenge in your career. 

Life at PSI CRO

The PSI Advantage

PSI CRO has received 2024 CRO Leadership Awards in the categories of Expertise, Quality, Compatibility, and Reliability in the Overall (combined Big and Small Pharma) respondent group. This is the seventh consecutive year that PSI has received leadership awards presented by Clinical Leader and Life Science Connect based on research conducted by ISR. The awards recognize CROs that are voted by sponsors to meet or exceed expectations.

PSI wins CRO Leadership Awards for Expertise, Compatibility, Quality, and Reliability