PSI FAQs: How does PSI use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to support sponsors’ clinical trials?

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By Doug Shannon

Manager, Process Improvement

Recent years have spurred the clinical trial industry to embrace innovative new solutions and technologies as a way to streamline processes and continue bringing trials to patients. However, the digital transformation started long before then. PSI CRO has consistently been a leader in applying sophisticated digital solutions to pivotal phase 2 and 3 clinical trials to optimize study modeling, budgeting, and operationalization, including developing our proprietary cloud-based suite of clinical trial planning tools, INTELIA™.

This forward-thinking approach also led to PSI’s early adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a digital solution to standardize high-volume tasks and conduct them efficiently in an error-free manner. “While doing so, it builds quality control and compliance into the processes, cutting costs by 35 to 70%,” explained Doug Shannon, RPA Technology Lead at PSI CRO, in an interview with Labiotech.

PSI uses RPA to reduce processing time, human error rate, and the amount of routine work in several areas. For instance, automating the querying of abnormal laboratory values in EDC increased on time query processing by 100%. Other functions where RPA can support clinical trials include tasks that are heavy in documentation management, such as finance and accounting, supply chain, inventory management, and back-office processes like human resources and information technology services.

RPA offers several benefits for you as a sponsor, including:

  • Freeing up PSI team members’ time to focus on your trial’s most critical tasks
  • Capturing a sequential record of each step in every process, streamlining regulatory and drug safety data, and easing the burden of regulatory submissions preparation
  • Supporting PSI’s therapeutic area subject matter experts as part of a cross-functional approach to clinical data collection, analysis, and management

To learn more about how PSI incorporates RPA and other industry-leading technologies into our global CRO services, contact us today.

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