Team Member Spotlight: Insights from a Learning, Design & Technology Specialist

This spotlight story explores Anna’s growth within PSI, how her role impacts learning and development for her colleagues, and insights into what influences a successful career.

Describe your role within PSI, the responsibilities you handle on a day-to-day basis, and how your role impacts a clinical trial. 

As a Learning, Design, & Technology Specialist, I am primarily responsible for creating various learning materials, including tutorials, presentations, brochures, and more. These materials are designed for our colleagues and cover essential areas such as the clinical research industry, corporate processes, and various soft skills.

While it may seem straightforward, producing high-quality content requires a versatile skill set. Picture a role that combines elements of a corporate trainer, motion designer, copywriter, UX/UI designer, and researcher. It’s both challenging and inspiring, especially when successfully making complex concepts accessible and engaging.

It’s important to note that the learning industry is evolving rapidly. In the Training & Resourcing team, we are consistently exploring and evaluating new programs and tools, aiming to seize every opportunity to make our programs practical and effective for the PSI team. This journey has been incredibly interesting, and I am confident that we will soon witness the emergence of new and more engaging formats and experiences.

How have you grown in your career with PSI?

My career path to the current role wasn’t a straightforward one. I initially started as a Project Assistant but discovered my passion for Learning and Development during training sessions conducted by our Training and Resourcing team. When a position working with Training & Resourcing became available, I applied and was fortunate enough to secure the role.

Over the next several years, I actively engaged in training coordination and development. Along the way, I discovered an e-learning development certification program, which instantly captivated me. Soon, e-learning became the primary focus of my job, although I still find great satisfaction in leading instructor-led sessions.

Throughout this journey, a key lesson for me has been the value of direct communication with colleagues. While learning theories and tools are crucial, my real growth and understanding stemmed from team mentorship and practical, interpersonal interactions. This hands-on experience has been pivotal in my career development at PSI.

What skills or qualities do you believe are crucial for someone to excel in their career at PSI, and how have you developed or honed these skills throughout your career?

My prior experience in recruitment taught me that there isn’t a universal skillset for candidates; each job at PSI has its unique requirements, a feature I highly value. Simultaneously, I’ve recognized that qualities such as curiosity and open-mindedness are significant advantages in this environment. Given the continuous evolution of the clinical research industry, I believe our success hinges on our capacity to learn from one another, collaborate, and grow together as a team.

What aspects of PSI’s culture do you appreciate the most, and how do they contribute to your overall job satisfaction?

What resonates most with me about PSI’s culture are the values placed on appreciating each other’s input, fostering continuous learning, and promoting open communication. It’s more than just a job; it’s about being part of a community that consistently strives for improvement and collective growth. Above all, our shared commitment to the ultimate goal of improving patients’ lives and bringing new medicines to fruition is the most inspiring aspect of our work.

What advice would you give to someone looking to join our team?

PSI offers a culture that values a strong professional ethic and continuous learning. It’s an ideal environment for individuals who are motivated to grow and make a tangible difference in their work!

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