PSI Team Member Spotlight: Insights from a Regional Project Lead

This spotlight story explores Zora’s career growth, her appreciation of PSI’s inclusive culture, and offers insights into what influences a successful career.

Describe your role within PSI and how your role impacts a clinical trial?

As a Regional Project Lead, I oversee operations in multiple countries, assist my teams in reaching milestones, and address and escalate any issues that arise. One of my key priorities is fostering a positive working atmosphere.

In my role, I act as the intermediary between the Project Manager (PM) and the Clinical Operations team and serve as a channel for the sponsor’s expectations. Additionally, I communicate the needs and challenges faced by various sites, teams, and projects to the PM. My role is crucial in helping the PM, who holds overall responsibility, comprehend the study status, navigate challenges across different regions, and effectively relay messages within the PSI team.

How did you become interested in clinical research, and how have you grown professionally at PSI?

After completing my university studies, I initially worked in Regulatory for a pharmaceutical company. The idea of becoming a monitor was suggested by a colleague, even though I had no initial understanding of the role. However, as I delved into the details, I found it captivating. Working as a monitor, I developed a sense of excitement about being part of a system that introduces new therapies to patients.

I have absolutely grown professionally while at PSI. After a break of approximately five years from clinical research, during which I explored other fields like pharmacy, wholesale distribution, and quality management, I joined PSI as a Lead CRA. After about a year and a half, I received my first assignment as a Regional Lead, and in October 2023, I was officially promoted to Regional Project Lead.

What do you find most rewarding about your career at PSI and what advice would you give to someone looking to join our team?

What I find most rewarding about my career is the sense of accomplishment. I appreciate being asked for my input and, more importantly, being heard. The open team culture at PSI allows me to speak up and share my concerns and ideas, making me feel valued and acknowledged. It’s gratifying to be seen and accepted as a useful part of the team, where I can freely express my opinions. The emphasis on treating individuals as human beings rather than mere statistics adds to the overall rewarding experience.

For those considering joining our team at PSI, I would advise bringing curiosity, a readiness to learn, and a willingness to try new things, especially if you are new to the industry. PSI is an excellent workplace that excels in overcoming the challenges of the clinical trials service provider industry through effective teamwork. Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced professional, PSI provides an environment where you can leverage your skills, feel accomplished, and continue your development. It’s definitely worth giving it a try.

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