Radiopharmaceutical CRO Excellence: Your Research, Our Expertise

Leading radiopharmaceutical CRO for theranostic and diagnostic pivotal trials

Managing global nuclear medicine trials has never been easy due to the complexity of regulatory requirements in each country and the need for experienced, highly trained sites either within close proximity to the the material’s manufacturing site or with the ability to provide at the site level. Travel restrictions and supply chain challenges have only exacerbated these obstacles. While some of these more recent issues are starting to ease, the need for an experienced, global perspective toward managing these studies has only increased. 

Every radiopharmaceutical study is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for ensuring success. With an established and proven database of over 1,000 global radiopharmaceutical sites, PSI specializes in delivering radiopharm studies on time and with quality data.  

  • Seventy-nine percent of PSI CRAs have oncology experience
  • PSI therapeutic-specific training and resources for radiopharmaceutical trials ensure the highest quality for your study
  • PSI’s Site Support Specialist role leads to a dramatic improvement in site activation and enrollment 

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“I would personally like to acknowledge and thank the entire PSI team and leadership for the dedication, perseverance and determined support that supported the early completion of the study. Your team have showcased all the capabilities and attributes of a best-in-class CRO for project delivery.”

- Global Head, Relationship Management Radiopharmaceutical Partner

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