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Exploring the Role of a PSI Recruiter: Insight into Recruitment, Impact, and Culture at PSI

In this team member spotlight, Leticia provides a detailed account of her role, emphasizing the importance of talent acquisition in the broader context of clinical research. This candid conversation provides a glimpse into the challenges, accomplishments, and the genuine passion that fuels Leticia’s commitment to making a difference at PSI and in the world of clinical research.

Describe your role within PSI, the responsibilities you handle on a day-to-day basis, and how your role impacts a clinical trial?

I work as a Recruiter and my primary focus is handling recruitment needs in Latin America and some global positions within the Biostatistics department. On a daily basis, I oversee the entire recruitment process. This involves tasks such as reviewing CVs, conducting initial interviews with potential candidates, coordinating subsequent stages of the hiring process, and maintaining clear communication with candidates. I also engage with hiring managers to understand their requirements, facilitating discussions until we reach a final hiring decision. Additionally, I play a role in presenting job offers to candidates and introducing them to the HR team for the onboarding process.

While the impact of my role might not be direct, it is crucial for the success of clinical trials. As a recruiter, my responsibility is to identify and select individuals who are the right fit for our team. This, in turn, contributes to the growth of our team and ensures that we can effectively meet the needs of various projects and clients with a high level of quality.

How have you grown in your career with PSI?

In my time at PSI, I can confidently say that I have indeed grown and that my growth has been facilitated by the support of my exceptional colleagues. They offer valuable feedback and assist me in identifying areas for improvement, exploring alternative approaches, and suggesting ways to approach tasks differently. This collaborative environment has not only contributed to my professional advancement but has also been instrumental in the development of my soft skills.

While it may sound like a cliché, the truth is that I genuinely view myself as a completely different person and professional today compared to who I was one year ago.

What do you find most rewarding about your career at PSI, and how does it align with your personal and professional goals?

The most rewarding aspect of my career at PSI is the knowledge that my work matters and that I’m contributing to something greater. Being part of a company whose work directly impacts people’s lives around the world gives me a sense of fulfillment. It aligns perfectly with both my personal and professional goals, as I have always aspired to be part of something meaningful. 

Working for a company that actively engages in positive initiatives and being able to perform a job that directly impacts and contributes to this larger purpose is genuinely gratifying. This sense of purpose not only enhances job satisfaction but also serves as a motivating factor, particularly on challenging days.

What aspects of the PSI’s culture do you appreciate the most, and how do they contribute to your overall job satisfaction?

I value several aspects of PSI’s culture that have significantly contributed to my overall job satisfaction. Right from the selection process, it was evident that the team at PSI is organized, friendly, and maintains a welcoming atmosphere. The transparency and honesty exhibited by the team during the recruitment process were promises fulfilled once I joined the company.

One key element of PSI’s culture that greatly enhances job satisfaction is the provision of a healthy work environment with a well-balanced workload. This balance is crucial for individuals to excel in their roles. The team’s support and collaborative spirit foster an environment where everyone is focused on achieving results, and there is a collective commitment to putting in the necessary effort. Working alongside dedicated individuals who genuinely care about their work and each other brings out the best in us and instills a strong sense of motivation.

Are there any specific accomplishments or milestones you’ve achieved during your time with PSI that you’re especially proud of?

I take pride in every new hire I’ve facilitated, but there are a few notable accomplishments that stand out for me. Firstly, the successful onboarding of the first candidate I hired holds special significance. Additionally, completing my first end-to-end recruitment process independently marked a significant milestone in my role. I also find pride in successfully filling positions that initially appeared challenging or even impossible.

The opportunities and challenges presented by PSI and my team have allowed me to continually grow and overcome obstacles, each instance becoming a source of pride. Whether it’s navigating through unfamiliar territory or tackling seemingly difficult tasks, these experiences contribute to my sense of accomplishment and professional development.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career with PSI? 

If you’re contemplating a career with PSI, my advice is to go for it!

I would encourage you to take the time to conduct thorough research about PSI, familiarize yourself with our values, and identify positions that align with your background. Prepare yourself for the application and interview process. By doing so, you may find yourself joining an outstanding company and becoming a valued member of a supportive, collaborative, and remarkable team.

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Career Conversations with a PSI Master Trainer

In this team member spotlight, we explore Avi’s career and the choices that have influenced his growth in the industry. From childhood dreams of becoming a pediatrician to navigating through diverse roles in clinical research, this Q&A provides a unique insight into Avi’s personal and professional journey and the fulfillment and growth he’s found at PSI.

How did your interest in clinical research develop, and what inspired you to pursue a career in this field?

As a child, I always envisioned myself becoming a pediatrician. However, after completing mandatory army service in Israel, I decided to explore my passion for medicine by first obtaining a biology degree. Upon earning my BSc, I was presented with an opportunity to join a cutting-edge laboratory at Tel-Aviv University for a Master’s degree in plant microbiology, an experience that solidified my love for biological studies.

Upon completing my Master of Science degree, I found myself contemplating the next step in my career and felt a growing attraction to the field of medicine. While exploring potential paths for someone with dual degrees in Biology, I discovered the expansive realm of clinical studies, and it immediately captivated my interest. Eager to delve deeper, I enrolled in Good Clinical Practice studies, and upon graduation, I joined the industry as a business development associate. Throughout my career, I’ve worked in various roles, transitioning from a business development associate to a clinical trial associate and a monitor. This journey has been immensely fulfilling, and I haven’t looked back since.

Can you describe your role within PSI, the responsibilities you handle on a day-to-day basis, and how your role impacts a clinical trial?

I serve as one of the Master Trainers in the Master Trainers Unit (MTU) at PSI. Our primary responsibility is to design and conduct training programs for the clinical operations department with the overall goal of ensuring that our clinical operations personnel receive thorough training and are equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to excel in their roles and deliver high-quality results. We strive to make our training sessions user-friendly, engaging, and informative. 

On a day-to-day basis, my activities align with this mission. I conduct face-to-face training sessions alongside my colleagues, covering various topics relevant to clinical operations. Additionally, I play a role in developing presentations and tutorials, utilizing various designer tools at our disposal. Through these efforts, we aim to enhance the skills and expertise of our clinical operations team, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the clinical trials we undertake.

How have you grown in your career with PSI? 

When I joined PSI in 2016 as a Senior Clinical Research Associate, I played a key role in establishing the Israeli office. At that time, I was the second employee out of four, working from rented rooms at a local Regus, our temporary office location. It was a period of novelty and excitement as everything we did was groundbreaking. Over the years, I witnessed substantial growth, both personally and in the local offices. As more studies came in, the offices expanded in both size and personnel, and my role evolved accordingly.

With the increasing responsibilities and diverse perspectives that came my way, I seized the opportunity to join the MTU more than two years ago. With the support of my line manager and country manager, I was thrilled to be accepted into this role. Serving as a Master Trainer allows me to leverage the experience and knowledge I gained during my years of monitoring. It is a unique opportunity to guide generations of monitors and clinical operations personnel through the challenges of our dynamic field.

I firmly believe that PSI offers the most comprehensive training program for both new and existing employees, playing a crucial role in setting our teams up for success. I am genuinely grateful to be a part of this journey.

What do you find most rewarding about your career at PSI, and how does it align with your personal and professional goals?

What I find most rewarding about my career at PSI is being a part of a team comprised of talented, creative, and knowledgeable individuals. Spending my days developing tools that assist my colleagues in maintaining the high quality for which our company is renowned is incredibly satisfying. I genuinely feel that I make a positive impact on a daily basis, and this motivates me to strive for continuous improvement and contribute even more to our collective success.

What excites you about your career with PSI?

The dynamic nature of my daily work is what I find most intriguing. Each day presents new challenges, diverse activities, and the requirement to acquire fresh skills to ensure the delivery of quality results. Additionally, I greatly appreciate the impact our work in the MTU has on individuals. The opportunity to positively influence the lives of colleagues adds a rewarding dimension to my daily tasks.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career with PSI? 

Practice patience by dedicating time to grasp the fundamentals and grow at a comfortable pace. Utilize the abundant resources available to you, inquire about anything you’re curious about, and exhibit eagerness to learn. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself in a position where you’re the one providing answers to questions from recently onboarded colleagues.

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A Spotlight on Richard’s Impactful Contributions to eCOA Systems 


In this team member spotlight, we sit down with Richard to explore his career path with PSI, what he finds most rewarding about his role, and the advice he would give those wishing to join our team.

Richard stands out as a key influencer at PSI, where he spearheads the proposal and development activities related to eCOA. His daily contributions involve offering guidance to diverse stakeholders, from vendors to study teams, with the overarching goal of creating efficient systems that enhance data quality while minimizing operational burdens.  

As we delve into Richard’s journey, we explore his transformative experience from a microbiologist at Unilever to Associate Director of eCOA Systems here at PSI, where he not only manages his team but also serves as a mentor and strategic thinker, shaping the direction of the group to continually add value to the industry. 

Describe your role within PSI and how you impact a clinical trial. 

As Associate Director of eCOA (Clinical Outcome Assessments) Systems, my responsibility involves overseeing all aspects of proposal and development related to eCOA; eDiaries, Questionnaires, Scales, etc. On a daily basis, I provide guidance to vendors, sponsors, and study teams, outlining the system’s structure and functionality. My goal is to ensure that the system effectively captures necessary data while minimizing the burden on both the site and the patient. Failing to create a usable solution can significantly impact compliance and data quality, especially since the systems we build often support primary and secondary endpoints.

In the realm of eCOA development, timely delivery is crucial, as it frequently aligns with the critical path during startup. Therefore, managing the system delivery effectively is essential to ensure readiness for FSI (First Subject In).

Additionally, a key aspect of my role involves contributing to proposals and supporting bid defense. This is where I begin strategizing the best ways to implement a system.

How did you become interested in clinical research, and how have you grown professionally at PSI?

To be candid, I didn’t actively seek out a clinical role; rather, it found me during my time at Unilever in the oral care group. While working as a microbiologist, I developed an assay to measure the rate of lactic acid production in plaque. The plan was to use this assay to detect differences in subjects with a high incidence of tooth decay versus those with a low incidence in India. The individual set to oversee the study team in India was reluctant to travel, and jokingly, I volunteered to take on the role. 

Subsequently, I collaborated with the science team on the protocol and worked with personnel in India to identify a suitable location in the Mumbai area. I then trained the sites in the assay and collaborated with the local study team to execute the study. This experience marked a significant shift from my lab-based role, where I modeled the disease process, to a clinical setting where I felt closer to making a tangible difference. 

Post-Unilever, I briefly worked for a medical charity, managing a grant round with a cumbersome paper-heavy process. Successfully advocating for the development and implementation of an electronic web-based application form was a pivotal moment. Following this, I expanded my expertise into clinical technology IxRS first and then into eCOA. 

My career at PSI has been transformative. While I’ve held line management roles in the past, eCOA presented a new challenge. At PSI, I not only manage my team but also serve as a mentor and strategic thinker, shaping the direction of the group to ensure we continually add value to PSI. This added responsibility has been a significant factor in my professional growth and development at PSI. 

What do you find most rewarding about your career at PSI and what advice would you give to someone looking to join our team?

What I find most rewarding about my career is successful, on-time delivery of a system, especially when the first patient successfully uses the device and we obtain valuable data. This aspect of the role can be nerve-wracking, but it’s undeniably the most fulfilling. Additionally, providing guidance that is well-received and appreciated, whether it’s internally at PSI or to a Sponsor, comes in as a close second in terms of satisfaction.

For someone looking to join our team, I would emphasize the gratification that comes with contributing to the timely and successful implementation of systems. Be prepared for the challenges, but also appreciate the value in offering guidance that positively influences our processes. At PSI, we’re in the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ of CROs – not too large to feel lost or anonymous, and not too small to feel restricted or isolated. It’s just the right fit for a balanced and rewarding professional experience.

Interested in taking the next step in your career? Discover what makes PSI so unique and explore our open job opportunities.  


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A Journey of Growth and Success at PSI: Insights from a Principal Clinical Research Associate

This spotlight story explores Monika’s career growth, her appreciation of PSI’s inclusive culture, and offers insights into what influences a successful career.

Describe your role within PSI, the responsibilities you handle on a day-to-day basis, and how your role impacts a clinical trial? 

I am the Principal Clinical Research Associate in Germany. This role entails two primary responsibilities:

  1. In collaboration with the local clinical operations managers, I dedicate half my time to identifying and solving challenges facing our local team. I’m available to offer guidance when local CRAs require additional input regarding general work-related queries. Whether it’s providing personalized training to individuals or conducting training sessions for the entire CRA team in Germany – I’m actively involved. Additionally, I support local Clinical Operations managers in tracking the status of supervised field training, ensuring adherence to our Standard Operating Procedures and undertake supervisory monitoring when necessary. These on-site visits serve multiple purposes: sharing my expertise with junior colleagues, verifying compliance with PSI standards, and gaining firsthand insights into the challenges our sites and monitors face. By addressing these challenges, we can develop solutions and prevent recurrence across other sites and studies.
  2. The second half of my time is devoted to my role as a regional lead in an oncology trial. In this capacity, I oversee various layers of progress towards achieving project milestones while also addressing emerging issues. In essence, I provide support to the Project Manager on one side and the lead monitors on the other. My goal is to ensure the collection of reliable and high-quality study data, all in accordance with ICH-GCP, local regulatory requirements, SOPs, and timelines.

Have you grown in your career with PSI? 

Definitely! When I initially joined PSI as a Clinical Research Associate I (CRA I), I had only about a year of monitoring experience and had conducted a limited number of site visits. My self-confidence was relatively low, and I felt extremely uncomfortable when it came to addressing errors with sites. I often worried that I might be the one at fault rather than them. However, with significant support and encouragement from my colleagues and line manager, I managed to overcome this fear within a few months. The open and inclusive atmosphere fostered an environment where I felt comfortable asking what I perceived to be very basic questions without the fear of judgment.

Over time, I advanced through the roles of CRA II, Senior CRA I, Senior CRA II, and now, seven years later, I hold the position of Principal CRA. Through this journey, I have become more resilient and less easily intimidated. I’ve developed the ability to identify mistakes in a more constructive manner than before. Presently, I play a role in providing guidance and reassurance to my colleagues, which is incredibly fulfilling as it allows me to contribute back to the team. Interestingly, many of the questions I’m asked by my colleagues mirror the ones I encountered myself during my earlier years in a junior role.

What do you find most rewarding about your career at PSI, and how does it align with your personal and professional goals?

Throughout the years marked by the impact of COVID-19, our workload appeared to escalate significantly. Tasks that used to take only 20 minutes to complete on-site now consumed hours due to remote work. Even as we navigate the aftermath, staff shortages at sites continue to pose challenges. To ensure project progress despite these hurdles, a substantial amount of additional effort was required from all parties at PSI. Importantly, I never perceived these extra efforts as going unnoticed. What I find particularly gratifying is the consistent acknowledgment and gratitude I receive from colleagues, my line manager, and the project teams. This daily recognition not only makes me feel valued as an employee but also as an individual.

What skills or qualities do you believe are crucial for someone to excel in their career at PSI, and how have you developed or honed these skills throughout your career?

Effective communication and a service-oriented mindset are crucial factors. I firmly believe that many of the challenges we encounter in our daily work stem from gaps in communication with sites, colleagues, and clients. The smoother our communication of expectations, feedback, and priorities, the more seamless our journey towards achieving our objectives and project success becomes.

Since joining PSI, I’ve been consistently amazed at the high level of teamwork, our capacity to provide and receive well-deserved praise, and the sheer enjoyment of being part of such a cohesive unit.

What aspects of PSI’s culture do you appreciate the most, and how do they contribute to your overall job satisfaction?

Even before my initial start, it was PSI’s personal touch that left a lasting impression on me. Just before Christmas, I had sent my signed contract to work with PSI. A few days later, I received a Christmas card signed by all the individuals I had met and conversed with during my interview. The card conveyed their anticipation of seeing me again soon. This gesture only amplified my excitement for my impending first day at work.

Upon beginning my role, the international ambiance of the Munich office struck me profoundly. Given that I had spent nearly five years living in Oxford, I was feeling nostalgic for that place. Thus, hearing the diverse range of English accents resonating throughout the office brought a sense of familiarity. This sentiment was further magnified by our global operations. Connecting with colleagues from around the world and gaining insights from their perspectives consistently broadens my understanding.

I also find the approach to handling mistakes at PSI to be exceptional. Instead of focusing on punitive measures for those responsible, the emphasis is placed on preventing such errors from recurring. This differs from my previous experiences. Equally noteworthy is the open atmosphere that encourages individuals to openly acknowledge any missteps. This level of transparency is truly unparalleled.

What excites you about your career with PSI? 

Reflecting on my journey, I can clearly trace my evolution from where I began to where I am today. In just seven years, I have transformed into a recognized expert in my field. Along the way, I encountered a variety of challenges, such as supporting inspections in a study I wasn’t initially assigned to, at sites I hadn’t previously worked with. Remarkably, not only did I navigate these situations successfully, but I emerged even stronger than when I entered them.

I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities that allowed me to experience these challenges and discover my capabilities and potential. It’s enlightening to witness what I can accomplish when the need arises. While I wish more individuals could gain similar experiences, I acknowledge that hindsight often makes looking back easier than peering into the future. If given the choice, I’m uncertain whether I would have willingly selected such challenges, yet I’m ultimately thankful for the growth they facilitated.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career with PSI? 

Give it a shot! If you thrive on being part of a collaborative team and are enthusiastic about learning something new each day, this could be the perfect fit for you. I personally feel valued for who I am, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t experience the same here.

Are you looking to take the next step in your career? Learn what makes PSI so unique, and check out our open positions.

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Doug Shannon’s Journey of Impact and Innovation at PSI

Doug Shannon, a manager on PSI’s process improvement team, is driven by a passion for intelligent automation and improving healthcare outcomes. In this spotlight story, explore his journey to clinical research, the impact of his role in PSI’s digital transformation, and his insights for those considering a career at PSI.

How did you become interested in clinical research, and what motivated you to pursue a career in this field?

My interest in clinical research stems from my innate desire to contribute to the improvement of healthcare. I have always been passionate about finding ways to make a positive impact in the field. This motivation drove me to pursue a career in the life sciences field, where I can actively work towards enhancing outcomes and making a difference.

Describe your role at PSI and how it impacts a clinical trial

As an Intelligent Automation Leader at PSI, my role revolves around spearheading the creation and management of a Center of Enablement for digital transformation in healthcare. On a daily basis, I am responsible for overseeing the implementation of intelligent automation solutions and driving innovation within the organization.

In this capacity, I collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to identify areas of improvement, streamline processes, and leverage emerging technologies to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical trials. By leveraging automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, my role directly impacts the entire clinical trial lifecycle, from protocol design and patient recruitment to data analysis and regulatory compliance.

My goal is to ensure that our organization stays at the forefront by leveraging the power of technology to drive positive solutions.

What do you find most rewarding about your career at PSI, and how does it align with your personal and professional goals?

The most rewarding aspect of my career at PSI is harnessing the power of intelligent automation technologies to drive operational efficiency and improve patient care.

Aligning with my personal and professional goals, this role enables me to combine my passion for healthcare with my expertise in automation. By leveraging advanced technologies, we can impact clinical trials by streamlining our process and enhancing our efficiency and its effectiveness. Witnessing the positive impact and meaningful change my work brings is truly fulfilling. It gives me a sense of purpose and satisfaction to know that my work is directly contributing to the improvement of patient care and the overall healthcare ecosystem.

Furthermore, being part of a progressive organization like PSI allows me to collaborate with talented individuals, exchange knowledge, and stay at the forefront of innovation in our industry. PSI’s involvement with intelligent automation presents continuous learning opportunities and the ability to drive significant positive change.

What aspects of PSI’s culture do you appreciate, and how do they contribute to your overall job satisfaction?

I greatly appreciate PSI’s culture and the core values that drive our organization. These values, including delivering wow service, being a teammate, walking the talk to deliver results, striving for excellence while remaining humble, staying lean, and excelling in communication, create a supportive and dynamic environment that fosters my job satisfaction. They enable me to contribute meaningful work every day.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career with PSI?

I would emphasize the importance of embodying our core values, they truly guide our work and are essential for success in our organization.

Additionally, I encourage you to embrace the mindset of continuous improvement. The digital transformation journey is ongoing, and there will always be opportunities to innovate and optimize processes further. Being adaptable, open to learning, and proactive in seeking new solutions will contribute to your growth and contribute to the success of our digital transformation initiatives.

Joining PSI offers a unique chance to be part of a team that is revolutionizing healthcare through technology. By embracing our core values and actively contributing to the journey of digital transformation, you will not only find personal fulfillment but also can make a meaningful impact on clinical trial processes and outcomes.


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Influencing Positive Change in Quality & Delivery Through Training 

When Andrea Cracraft joined PSI in 2013 as Director, Clinical Operations, North America, there were only a handful of clinical operations team members in the region. Together with a dedicated team, she and colleagues worked tirelessly creating systems and processes to ensure the growth of an efficient department and has since witnessed its incredible growth to well over two hundred team members.

After helping to build the local team, she and two other colleagues created the Oncology for Monitors program in 2017. With this program’s success, the team identified a need to improve the quality and delivery methods for training. To help meet that need on a global level, Andrea was promoted in 2020 to Director, Clinical Operations, Global Training where she manages a group of talented team members dedicated to creating various training programs and raising the bar for excellence in training here at PSI.

Throughout her career with PSI, Andrea has worked on many exciting projects with countless colleagues around the world. One especially impactful project is the product of her collaborative work to create oncology indication training for Clinical Operations. Together with the Master Trainer Unit, therapeutic area training is now offered in five different indications, specifically targeted to monitors. The Master Trainer unit has created more than 67 interactive and simulated tutorials, 17 training programs and workshops, and a successful mentorship program.

These programs are great examples of how PSI strives to ensure that team members are prepared to be successful in their careers and have the best training possible to provide quality service to clients.

Why PSI?

Andrea shares that she doesn’t know of another CRO where the owners work alongside the employees. “PSI’s owners truly want employees to have a career at PSI, and support their growth and development,” she says. “They care about our well-being and invest a considerable amount into programs, training, and activities that will increase employee satisfaction.”

Being a part of a company where colleagues work together with the goal of finding treatments that may positively affect or extend someone’s life is a fact that gives Andrea a great source of pride.

“I’m proud to work for a company that cares so much for their employees. A company that nurtures the environment that every patient counts, of being in it altogether, being accountable for your personal actions and responsibilities, being excellent at your job, but still maintaining humility, and being responsible to deliver results in a timely manner.”

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Mastering Communication & Knowledge Sharing, One Story at a Time

As a truly global company, we recognize that diversity is one of our greatest strengths. Our team members, with their unique skill sets, contribute to our culture of mutual support and accountability and bring greatly varied expertise to our projects. 

 Laura Alessandroni came to PSI with incredibly diverse skills. With work experience in hardware producing, consulting, communication & publishing, and teaching Italian to international students, she’s done it all, and we’re so proud to have her on our team.    

When Laura joined PSI, she began in the Pharmacovigilance department as a PVG coordinator where she used her experience writing, editing, and promoting to help create awareness for the PVG team and their internal and external work.   

One of the perks of working with PSI are the growth opportunities available to our team members, and the possibility to change departments to find the best fit to not only follow your passion, but also develop your skills. When a role opened in the Marketing team focusing on internal communication, Laura knew this was where she wanted to grow her career. Now as a Marketing Specialist, she’s one of the leading storytellers behind PSI Live!   

On any given day, you can find her researching, interviewing colleagues, and writing articles for PSI Live; creating graphics for articles, drafting the bi-weekly PSI newsletter, supporting PSI’s swag management, and helping to organize PSI Italy’s annual training plan and PSI values training just to name a few of the many hats she wears.   

In her role within the marketing team, Laura continues to learn and grow and makes connections with colleagues worldwide. She finds her work fulfilling, sharing that she’s grateful for the positive feedback on her projects and knows her commitment and effort are appreciated.  



Laura is proud to be a part of a company that helps find new treatments and medicines to help heal patients, giving them a chance for a better life.  

“PSI is a company comprised of professionals,” Laura shares. “We’re all passionate about our jobs, respectful of our colleagues, and are growing together in a company that values learning and growth.”   

To those considering a career with PSI, Laura shares, “If you’re looking for a company that recognizes your efforts and commitment and a team who pays attention to your work-life balance, values you as a colleague then PSI is the place for you.” Explore our career opportunities here. 



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Making A Difference With Statistics

Jürgen Deinhard, Principal Statistician, works in clinical research to make a difference. While the work at PSI is not always easy, he feels he can positively impact patient lives through his expertise in statistics to help influence the science making new therapies available to those who need them. 


Making A Positive Impact


Sometimes it can be hard to see the tangible effects of one’s work in clinical research. But no matter your position at PSI, the culmination of everyone’s work plays a role in putting the patient first and helping improve patient lives. The FDA recently approved one therapy that Jürgen, and many of his colleaguges, had the opportunity to work with. “Now, in the end, everyone contributes to this success – whether an accountant, a country manager, or a SAS programmer – every single one of us does an important part of the work,” Jürgen says. 


Working Together and Putting Patients First

Juergen believes many aspects influence our positive corporate culture and our goal of putting patients first.  These include our open lines of communication that make it easy to brainstorm and collaborate with colleagues, our stability and organic global growth, and our culture of putting people first with constant trust, support, and appreciation.  

No matter where our colleagues are located, team collaboration is high on our agenda, and we’ve built a culture of respect, support, and accountability.  

Do you want to join a collaborative global team and make a difference in your career? Click here to explore our open positions.  


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Making a Positive Impact on Healthcare Around the World

Since joining PSI more than five years ago as a Systems Engineer, Artem Ivanov has grown to IT Project Manager overseeing a team working hard to improve company-wide development and communication processes.  

No Matter the Department, You’re Making a Difference

One may think those working in departments with no direct sponsor or patient interaction may not have an impact on patients, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  

Despite not having a patient-facing role, Artem notes that he’s able to make a positive impact on healthcare and a difference for patients through his work on projects such as protocol deviation tracking, safety reporting, and web-based pre-visit and follow-up letters. These projects directly impact the important work being done to ensure trials are completed safely both on time and within budget.   

Artem shares that his favorite part about working in the industry is the opportunity to help people. The work that we do at PSI helps people all around the world, and it’s exciting to know that we have a hand in moving medicines forward. 

“PSI gives many opportunities for people to grow, and not only within medical and pharma teams,” says Artem. “You can add to your professionalism and passion to reach goals in healthcare by being a part of a great and experienced team.”  

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Entwining Passion and Work

At PSI, science is at the heart of everything we do. Dylan Stoy, Associate Director, Therapeutic Strategy, has held a passion for science since a young age. Here at PSI, he’s able to nurture that passion, bringing a scientific component to operational strategy and training and educating PSI team members to better understand the pivotal therapies they’re engaged with each day.

Growing with PSI

PSI’s culture and how we operate are unique, and so are our career growth opportunities. Starting as a CRA, then as a project manager, Dylan worked less with the scientific aspects of therapies and wanted to move into a role where he had more autonomy in working with the transformational therapies that PSI has the opportunity to trial. Working on a unique project, he connected his love and knowledge of the technical side of science to explore our current operations and identify ways to enhance them – leading to the development of an entirely new role in a completely new department.

In his new role, Dylan works closely with teams throughout the organization to oversee therapeutic and operational strategies, not only to bolster our business development team but also to bring the various scientific components to proposals and bid defenses. He now even delivers training to team members interested in the ground-breaking science behind the therapies we’re working with.  Dylan’s career growth is an example of the creativity and nimbleness that team members can utilize to ensure they’re going where they want with their careers while helping fulfill unmet needs within the business.  

Why PSI? 

Dylan notes that PSI has an unencumbered approach to driving innovation and facilitating the most impactful research to benefit patients and our sponsors. He adds that because our owners and leaders are scientifically minded, high-quality science-backed standards trickle down through our teams, allowing us to all drive towards the same goal – performing quality work to help positively impact patient lives.   PSI provides all the services seen in large companies but also has a personal touch and a culture based on delivery and service that people fall in love with – and because of the culture, we can pursue what we think is right based on science and ethics.   As a truly global company, our diverse team members, with their unique skill sets, contribute to our culture and goal of putting every patient first.

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