Thriving Together: Celebrating Exceptional Results from our Annual Global Engagement Survey

At PSI, we believe that our people are our greatest asset. They are the heart and soul of everything we do, driving us toward our mission to be the best CRO in the world as measured by our employees, clients, sites, and vendors.

We’re excited to share the results of our inaugural annual global engagement survey, which surveyed our more than 2,700 team members across 60 countries to reaffirm our commitment to fostering a diverse and collaborative work environment where every team member feels valued, respected, and empowered to thrive. Colleague survey responses were confidential, and questions ranged in categories from career growth and communication to culture and leadership.

Acceptance and Respect: Foundations of Our Culture

The cornerstone of our company culture is a deep-seated commitment to acceptance and respect. We’re delighted to announce that an overwhelming 91% of team members reported feeling accepted by their colleagues. This statistic speaks volumes about the inclusive and welcoming atmosphere we’ve cultivated within PSI.

Moreover, a remarkable 90% of team members indicated that they feel their colleagues treat each other with respect—a testament to the strong sense of camaraderie and mutual support that defines our workplace culture.

Team Alignment with our Core Values

Central to our identity as a company are our core values, which guide us in every decision and action we take – and 86% of our team members identify with these core values. This high level of alignment demonstrates that our values are not just words on a page but deeply ingrained principles that resonate with each member of our team. Together, we are united by a shared commitment to integrity, excellence, communication, and accountability—a commitment that drives us forward in our pursuit of excellence. Explore our core values here.

Engaging Work, Proud Community

Within PSI, 82% of our colleagues find their work interesting and engaging. This speaks volumes about the dynamic and stimulating environment we’ve cultivated—a place where every day presents new challenges to conquer and opportunities to grow.

Equally inspiring is the revelation that 83% of our colleagues feel proud to work here, reaffirming that PSI is not just a workplace—it’s a source of inspiration and fulfillment, a place where each member of our team can take pride in the contributions they make to our shared mission and towards the future of global health outcomes.

Looking Ahead: Continuing the Journey

As we celebrate these remarkable achievements, we also recognize that our journey towards excellence is ongoing. We remain dedicated to continually enhancing our workplace culture, listening to feedback, and implementing initiatives that further strengthen our commitment to collaboration, inclusivity, and shared values.

The results of our annual global engagement survey underscore our unwavering commitment to fostering a great and collaborative work environment at PSI. Together, we will continue to strive towards our mission of being the best CRO in the world, guided by our shared values and fueled by the passion and dedication of our exceptional team members. Every patient counts, and so does every team member.

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