Traveling PSI Career Pathways

Madeleine Borowski is an integral member of PSI’s recruiting team, helping find and bring exceptional colleagues into the company. Her journey within PSI is a bit unique for the industry and she is grateful for the opportunity to grow and develop in her career.   

Leaping into a New Career Path 

Madeleine first joined PSI as a Clinical Trial Administrator, a role she was experienced in and matched her educational background in science. After some time and internal reflection, she realized she wanted to grow in a different route with her career. She saw an open position for a Training and Resourcing Assistant role, helping the sole North American recruiter with various recruiting activities. She reached out, noting her interest in the position.   

Wishing to transfer her knowledge of the industry and her passion for communication and PSI, Madeleine communicated her desire for growth in a different direction during her interview and was happy to learn that her skills could transfer into the new position. After a round of interviews and discussions, she was excited for her new career path and joined her new team. Through mentorship from the senior recruiter, Madeleine learned the ropes and quickly excelled – growing from Training and Resourcing Assistant to Senior Recruiter.   

Strong Mentorship Moves Our Mission Forward 

Madeleine notes that the mentorship she received is just one part of the “Being a Teammate” PSI value she sees daily throughout the company. From reaching out to colleagues who are always available to answer questions to having the opportunity to chat directly with senior leadership and have her voice heard, she feels that PSI truly has a uniquely collaborative culture.   

The growth and professional development opportunities that PSI offers have allowed Madeleine to take the unconventional leap in her career and pursue a journey that she finds incredibly rewarding.  

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