From Asia to the World: 5 Tips From The CRO That Delivers Studies on Time

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By Christian Buhlmann

Head Business Development, Europe & Asia-Pac

What do you know about running trials on time?

At PSI, we see an exciting future for pharma and biotech developments in Asia. Smart people are creating smart ideas, and innovations to change the world.

We know that it’s a tricky move to go beyond one’s own turf and explore opportunities in new locations. And we’ve seen companies struggling to master their trials in both Europe and the US. But you can count on PSI to provide the tools and info to explain, step by step, five of the biggest hurdles to overcome when expanding your trials beyond Asia.

PSI has a reputation for delivering. How do we run trials on time?

  1. Focusing on a few indications only. As a recipient of this e-mail, your research topics fall into our indication coverage. This focus allows us to build reliable site networks, detailed experience, and expertise, and speed up processes.
  2. Treating our sites as clients. We believe that patient recruitment is foremost influenced by the investigators, study nurses, and the team on site. PSI allows its teams to support the sites beyond normal, baseline standards. In the 2015 and 2017 CenterWatch surveys, sites rated PSI as top CRO.
  3. Creating stability and consistency. We’re dedicated to service and delivery. Our teams understand that our clients come first. In parallel, we establish a company culture where our employees enjoy their careers and want to stay long-term. That means that the project team you start with, will be the team that sticks with you throughout the entirety of your trial. 
  4. Faithful clients. Our repeat business rate is greater than 90%. PSI mainly works with biotech and small-to-midsized pharma companies. We understand the culture and the different needs of these clients. And they continue to work with us.
  5. Measured by delivery. More than 90% of all our trials end on time or ahead of schedule. This impressive delivery is our claim to fame. Too many trials fall short on expectations, and we’re working to change that trend. 

Ready to learn more about clinical trials in Asia? Don’t forget – we’re here to help.

About the Author: With more than 20 years of industry experience, Christian Buhlmann is Head, Business Development Europe and Asia-Pac at PSI CRO.