Our Vaccine Against Uncertainty

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By Olga Alfonsova

Global Head, BD & Strategy

Are you tired yet of reading about what “unprecedented times of uncertainty” we’re living in? Me too. As if there have ever been times of certainty. Though, admittedly, 2020 has been provocatively forthcoming with multiple uncertainty reminders.

Whenever anyone of us gets worked up about it – too much COVID, too much work, too little time – we have to turn back to the PSI mantra. It has now gained a whole new meaning.

“Every Patient Counts” is PSI’s vaccine against uncertainty.

It has served us well over the years, and it’s been serving us well in 2020. Some things don’t change, not yet, anyway. People still need their pivotal trials to complete on time, now, perhaps, more than ever.

Here’s this month’s patient enrollment graph in onco-hematology: 22 countries around the world, with the enrollment of 469 patients completing slightly ahead of schedule. Not surprisingly, this returning customers is returning again with a new study. Many years together and many more to come, we’ll make sure of it.

What is happening with your pivotal trial? Reach out to discuss, because every patient counts, and so does every minute of every day that goes by without improvement.

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