VIDEO: VISIONAL™: Study Modeling Tool From PSI CRO 

Emily Mcinturf with pink circle border

By Emily McInturf

Director Feasibility

Join Emily McInturf, Director of Feasibility at PSI, in conversation with Natania Barron, Senior Director, as they discuss the newest addition to PSI’s INTELIA™ suite, VISIONAL™. VISIONAL™ is an advanced feasibility tool that helps accurately predict study enrollment timelines, beyond human ability. The tool harnesses the power of machine-learning to provide enrollment forecasting to minimize your trial’s budget, comparing hundreds of country and site combinations, and probability of success within just a few minutes.

Watch the full video to learn more about how PSI’s VISIONAL™ can help you get control over clinical trial planning, including:

  • How VISIONAL™ creates and models patient enrollment scenarios
  • What data and algorithms VISIONAL™ uses
  • How VISIONAL™ increases accurate forecasting by reducing natural biases