PSI Employees Press Pause for World Cancer Day

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By Staff Writer


Cancer has no borders. It’s something that has touched all of us in one form or another. And as CRO professionals, it is something we think about daily.

For World Cancer Day, PSI employees took time from their schedules to show their commitment to cancer awareness and research. Check out their stories below.

“I fight in my mother’s name. Though she lost her battle with breast cancer, I will continue to tell her story and the stories of everyone struggling to survive cancer.” – Susan Griffith, Research Triangle Park, NC

“My primary goal is to raise awareness with my daughters and sons—I have 4. New generations deserve to know more about cancer so they can better prevent it.” – Oscar Podesta, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“My dad was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 50 and fought for the next 20+ years with the help of surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and the most caring oncologists all along this journey.  I am determined to keep up the fight against cancer in honor of my hero.” – Kristina Wade, King of Prussia, PA

“I am an advocate, and I will promote education on preventative screenings because my grandfather passed away from colon cancer that wasn’t caught until it was too late.” – Mindy Chu, Research Triangle Park, NC

“World Cancer Day takes me on a journey of reflection. A reflection on the great heartache and loss my family has experienced due to this dreadful disease. Until the suffering ends, I will support efforts to find a cure!” – Chris Budny, Research Triangle Park, NC

At PSI CRO, we acknowledge the fact that each of us has the ability to address the burden of cancer. It’s a fight that we give our all to- for ourselves, our loved ones, and the patients battling this disease daily. To learn more about our fight against cancer, check out the resources and experience at our oncology page, here.